The Vision

Life is too short to dress boring. Stand out with rock solid style.


Innovative Design

Patterns, texture and color palettes of naturally occurring granite infused on leather goods and premium apparel can only be found at Quarry Collections. But our careful attention to innovative design goes further than just the aesthetic. You can also find it in the way our products can be customized and within the versatility of each piece to accommodate various styles.

Experience Versatility

Each piece in the Quarry collection is designed to fulfill the needs of the fashionable man who goes from work to play to a night out on the town on a regular basis. Interchangeable options and reversibility allow you to mix and match, allowing to fit your style for each unique situation.

Standing Apart from the Pack

Let’s face the facts…when you look good you feel good. Our products offer a powerful fashion statement for any occasion and will have you looking and feeling your best.

Building a Collection

Different belts, from different companies, for different occasions, is obsolete. Our model of individual components and reversible straps allows clients to build a versatile and luxurious assortment of belts.

Attention to Detail

Our products are exceptionally detailed, made from the finest materials, and constructed by highly skilled craftsmen. Our commitment to the highest quality standards and brand exclusivity is unwavering.

Enjoying Quality Construction

Every product has been designed and tested for both comfort and durability. Significant product thickness and weight is displaced by functionality and a lightweight, natural feel.

Knowing Your Product is Unique

Like natural granite, or a snowflake, all Quarry Collections products are one-of-a-kind. Each piece is crafted to assure that no two products will ever be exactly the same.

Recognizing Loyalty

Often overlooked, loyalty is the basis of our brand. Our commitment to our people, products and process is fortified by your style and the relationships with our clientele.

Where it all began

Quarry Collections was born out of Pittsburgher Tony Bekavac’s appreciation for the beauty, versatility and strength of the granite he worked with all his life in his family’s business. With the launch of their premium leather belts for fashionable men in 2018, Quarry joins other Pittsburgh fashion visionaries, like Mod Cloth and Little Earth, to bring their unique granite infused products to the world.