Fashionable Granite

Our innovative concept transforms granite’s distinct natural beauty and colorful patterns into wearable works of art

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Refined Versatility

Whether attending a formal event, playing a round of golf, working at the office or out with family and friends; our products are designed for any occasion.

reversible straps & interchangeable buckles

Original Designs

Our cutting-edge fashionable granite concept delivers a truly unique product appearance unlike any other option available on the market today.

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We've Only Just Begun

Expandable Collection of Luxury Goods

All belts are custom fitted and comprised of interchangeable components. Our proprietary system allows any one of our buckles to be combined with any one of our reversible straps.

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Timeless Style

The enduring attractiveness of granite provides our clientele an exclusive range of products that will last a lifetime. 

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Loyalty is rare...if you find it, keep it


Love the inspiration of granite for this line! It didn't strike me at the time when I first saw it on website I just thought the belt had a pretty unique design. When I received said belt it really did have that "mineral" feel and was surprisingly supple in hand and dimension. Oh yeah, THAT good. I also really loved the reversibility of the belt, because I don't always need as much flair in my attire. Buckle is solid, well-made. All and all Quarry's made me fan of their design and I eagerly await to see what this company has next up its sleeve.

Joe Neally

Whether I am on a stage presenting to start ups and ecosystem partners in jeans and a blazer or in a board room in a suit and a tie I wear one of my three Quarry Collection belts. I went from a Gucci guy to a Quarry guy overnight!

Michael Zeto

I spend all of my time either in a suit as a broadcaster on Golf Channel or on the golf course. For years I traveled with multiple belts to be prepared for any occasion, not any more. Quarry is 1 stop shopping! A classy sophisticated belt on one side a perfect accent to the best suit and on the other side a fun, hip, and sporty version great for looking good hoping to play good. My belt shopping is over! I'm a Quarry guy 4 Life!

Ryan Burr

A Message from Our Founder & CEO

“I have always appreciated the beauty of granite and the fact that cold, dirty rock can be transformed into such beautiful and colorful products. Our unique vision of infusing this natural stone into fashionable luxury goods is completely original and extremely exciting.” 

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