The Vision

Fashionable Granite

Quarry Collections has broken the traditional barriers of granite applications. Our innovative concept transforms granite’s distinct natural beauty and colorful patterns into wearable works of art. We offer elegant choices…you provide stunning answers.



Expandable Collection of Luxury Goods
Our new belt collection is fully customizable and tailored to suit every individual’s needs. All belts are hand cut and assembled according to the customer’s size. Additional straps and buckles are available for purchase by those individuals looking to keep their aesthetic refreshing and dynamic.

Original Designs
There are currently no other companies in the fashion market that infuse their products with granite. Our cutting-edge fashionable granite concept delivers a truly unique product appearance unlike any other option available on the market today. 

Refined Versatility
All belt buckles are constructed with our proprietary Q-Connect Mechanism™. This interchangeable system allows any one of our buckles to be combined with any one of our reversible straps. Whether attending a formal event, playing a round of golf, working at the office or out with family and friends; our products are designed for any occasion.

Timeless Style
We are bringing people together from various walks of life but with one common attribute...a keen eye for timeless style. The enduring attractiveness of granite provides our clientele an exclusive range of products that will last a lifetime.