Our Story

Chasing a dream is easy while you sleep but, in the real world, you better have a plan. You might also want to have the vision, a strong work ethic, and be totally committed to learning along the way. Finally, you better have thick skin. As part of the journey, you will inevitably have doors closed in your face and experts advising that your idea, however great it may seem, just won’t work.

The idea (or dream in this story) of fashionable granite began in 2010. Tony Bekavac was working as a funeral director outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where he owned his own funeral home as well as a granite memorial business. Being exposed to granite on a daily basis, Tony explains, “I have always appreciated the beauty of granite and the fact that cold, dirty rock can be transformed into such beautiful and colorful products.”

A love for fashion and attentiveness to his own personal style caused Tony to begin to question decisions he had made regarding his life and his career. He deeply enjoyed the personal interaction and relationships that were formed with families served at his funeral home. He noted a strong sense of satisfaction being able to offer comfort and direction to those families at such a vulnerable time in their lives. Similarly, he enjoyed meeting with customers at his memorial business and assisting them with the design and manufacturing process of beautiful granite memorials. If all of this is true, why then are you reading this story?

The answer is simple. At the age of 36, Tony realized he was placed on this earth for a different purpose. He knew that he was finally prepared to follow his dreams by applying his years of business experience and satisfying customers into other arenas. He was confident that his vision, work ethic and determination would allow him to follow his newly recognized calling. The pursuit of fashionable granite had begun.

The Quarry Collections vision was interesting, unique and complex. The natural material properties of granite have ultimately limited its function and application over time. The concept of infusing granite into wearable goods would require in depth material research, identifying the right manufacturers, and understanding leading industry processes. The underlying challenge was duplicating the exquisite look of granite on materials never attempted before. Tony was determined to create products and a brand unlike any other in the world. The innovative concept of fashionable granite provided the true, unwavering, vision.

Extensive collaboration with the highest respected fashion consultants and craftsmen, combined with his unique personal passion and determination, has resulted in a true industry breakthrough. Once the vision of exclusivity, elegance and unconditional quality was achieved, Tony was finally prepared to introduce Quarry Collections to the world. “Our unique vision of infusing this natural stone into fashionable luxury goods is completely original and extremely exciting.”

Stay tuned world…the dream has only just begun.